Relocation and Transition


Relocation and transition | McGuire ConsultingAre you and your family in the process of relocating from the USA to another country? Have you just moved to the USA from abroad? Moving through transition and adapting to another culture can lead to stress and difficulties. The focus of this program is to find ways to adapt more quickly to your new environment. During the program, you will:

– Learn about the new culture in work and everyday life
– Adapt to various business and communication approaches
– Assess yourself in the transition process
– Build concrete action plans to move forward


Speaker Development and Presenting Your Best Self


Speaker Development & Presenting Your Best Self | McGuire Consulting

The ability to deliver a clear message, connect with your audience, and overcome the fear of speaking will be the focus of this session. During the program, you will:

– Learn techniques to stay connected with your audience
– Discover your strengths as a speaker
– Create a clear purpose for your speech
– Organize your personalized talk
– Adapt your approach for multi-cultural and international groups

Building Collaborative Teams and Client Partnerships
Building Collaborative Teams | McGuire ConsultingHow do you enhance team meetings, client relationships, and global partnerships? All of these factors can be addressed through understanding your communication and business approach, and focusing on how you can best understand your partners. During the program, you will:


– Assess your communication and leadership style
– Learn best practices for leading and interacting with teams
– Practice reflective listening and collaborative dialogue techniques
– Understand culture and the impact on relationship-building
– Develop skills to motivate your team members

Business and Proposal Writing

Business and proposal writing | McGuire ConsultingInfluencing others through your writing is a critical skill in today’s digital workplace. Business writing rules have changed over the last several years, and these new ideas will be shared and practiced. During this program, you will:

– Write to the audience’s needs
– Create a clear purpose for documents
– Use an organizational format that promotes action-
– Learn how to write in the active voice
– Address etiquette rules for various cultural groups

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